Integration and entrepreneurship

Youth employability is a major global challenge that calls for ambitious action to improve young people's access to decent jobs and to strengthen the capacities of the organizations supporting them.


In cooperation with the local professional and business communities, we support our partners in implementing innovative solutions tailored to the context and available economic opportunities. We work together to support young people and practitioners in the fields of vocational training and labour market integration, both in Switzerland and internationally.

Our objectives

  • Improve existing training courses and make them available to new audiences, especially women
  • Set up new training courses taking into account the young people’s difficulties and the needs of businesses
  • Train trainers through our local partners
  • Support the integration of young people into society and the workplace
  • Build training schemes with our partners suited to the market activity of young people
Carpentry training, AED, Democratic Republic of the Congo © Apprentis d’Auteuil

Smoothing the path to sustainable integration for young people 

Our programmes are aimed at young people who have little chance of employment. We offer vocational training and socio-educational support to help them build long-term career plans. 

We provide young people with training and internships, follow-up and support in setting up income-generating activities to hone their professional skills and boost their employability. Once trained, the young graduates receive follow-up support for several months until they achieve economic and personal independence.

This training is really useful. It has taught me how to become self-sufficient.

a trainee in Kinshasa

Workshop on children's rights and consultations, REIPER, Republic of the Congo ©Besnard/Apprentis d'Auteuil

Finding innovative ways to enhance professional practices

We encourage trainers from different countries to share practices to continuously improve our support to young people. We work in cooperation with our local partners to foster new ideas, test them and then implement them on a wider scale.

Cameroon – Reintegration of vulnerable children in conflict with the law or estranged from their families

The PK24 observation and stabilization farm provides such children with the opportunity to integrate socially and professionally. It aims to stabilize and resocialize them so they can go to school, enrol in vocational training and integrate into Cameroonian society. 

Morocco – Support to young people with poor employability

We help our partners in implement innovative ways of supporting the training and integration of young people whose chances of employment are the most remote. Through our programmes, these young people are provided with internships, monitoring and follow-up throughout the process of integrating sustainably into the workplace or setting up their own businesses.

When we accompany young people in a professional process, we are obliged to review our tools and approaches and develop our skills to deal with the realities of recruitment and self-employment.
Social worker responsible for socio-professional integration

Democratic Republic of the Congo