Drawing activities with the children, Madagascar ©PFSCE

Our partners celebrating 12 April: united for children in street situations!

International Day for Street Children is a day of celebration for our local partners. Every 12 April, they organise events to send strong messages to the authorities and raise awareness among the general public, but also to celebrate the day with children in street situations. Our partners offer them activities specially designed for them, including games, meals, medical care as well as discussion and awareness-raising sessions. Our partners are mobilising alongside the children on this special day. Here's a look back at the activities that took place in Brazzaville (Congo), Douala (Cameroon) and Antananarivo (Madagascar).

In the Congo, our partner REIPER, the only national child protection network in the country, co-organised a day for children in street situations with one of its members, the Centre d'Insertion et de Réinsertion des Enfants Vulnérables (CIREV). On the programme: a football game full of enthusiasm and fellowship, followed by an inspiring discussion on the right to education for all children. It was a moment filled with smiles, solidarity and shared joy. 

 "I had a wonderful day, every moment was special. I really enjoyed playing football with my friends and my favourite part was the time we spent talking about the right to education. I think it's really important that we take the time to talk about it!" says Romy, a 13-year-old.

In Madagascar, members of the Plateforme de la Société Civile Pour l'Enfance (PFSCE) came together to celebrate this day on the theme of protection against the various forms of violence. More than 500 children in street situations took part in the event. A packed programme included a series of speeches, the projection of a documentary, a panel discussion with children, awareness-raising activities and the organisation of games. At the same time, free basic services were made available (medical consultations, distribution of meals). A stand was set up by the Police des Mœurs et des Mineurs (PMPM), a partner in the project, for awareness-raising activities: an important signal of collaboration between our partners and the State, to work together for the protection of children. Olivier, a child representative of the PFSCE's Children's Committee, took the floor to describe the dangers and insecurity they face on the streets, and to plead for improvements in their safety.

"I'm very happy, because I felt we were being listened to. I would like to express my deep gratitude to all the organisations that defend children's rights. And a big thank you to the organisers of this event", explains Olivier, a member of the Children's Committee.

In Cameroon, our partner the Chaine des Foyers Saint Nicodème (CFSN) organised a campfire evening with storytelling at the PK24 stabilisation centre. An educator, a young person in a street situation and a young person being cared for at the centre also spoke on a local radio station to raise public awareness of the phenomenon of children in street situations and to promote their rights.

“I was very happy with the evening around the fire, it was magnificent. On the street, you don't get the chance to experience moments like that" says a young boy being cared for by the PK24 centre.

Children in street situations are all too often invisible and left to fend for themselves. It is crucial that we dedicate a Day to them and celebrate it so that their voices are heard, and their rights respected by governments. Solutions do exist, so let's work together to implement them! 

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